We are a private investment company
majority-owned by its staff in partnership
with a leading European PE House

Headquartered in Luxembourg with offices in Paris, we invest our clients’ funds in growth-capital opportunities in established emerging markets with a selective picking approach. We advise institutional clients, corporates, banks, family offices and high net worth individuals.

  • 2008
    Independent and recognized specialist

    Idi EM Partners is an Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM) owned by a stable management team with a strong culture of accountability. With its activity initiated in 2004, it has been founded in 2008 with a persistent investment focus on financing the growth of SMEs in high potential geographies.
  • 450
    Substantial Track Records

    Idi EM Partners is well recognized as a high-quality niche partner in addressing complex and little-known, but lucrative transactions on its geographies. It has deployed capital in 35 emerging countries financing 450 SMEs and consistently generated returns and distributions that substantially outperformed benchmarks through strong selective processes and highly professional deal executions.
  • €1.0 Bn
    Partnership with idi Group

    Idi EM Partners has a fruitful partnership with idi Group (www.idi.fr), a leading European financial institution (IDIP: FP). Created in 1970 and listed on the NYSE-Euronext Paris since 1991, idi Group partnership provides idi EM Partners with resources and access into its 45+ years of successful private equity experiences on financing the growth of 800 SMEs with approximately €1.0 billion of assets under management.

Culture of

idi EM Partners is born with the support of highly demanding European institutions and has promoted a culture of excellence since inception.

All what we do is driven by rigorous processes, strong individual commitments and a full transparency shared by all our staff. We are always questioning how things can be done better, from internal organisation, operations to investors relations. For us, a quality and quick execution is key, but internal processes are everything as they are the result of our accumulated rich experience.


idi EM Partners is majority-owned by its staff who also make commitments in the funds it manages above the market standards.

We are a team of entrepreneurs and are accountable for what our company is doing in front of our partners and clients. Passionate about our business, we like to fully understand what we do before moving steps by steps. This entrepreneurial culture enables us to have deep understanding on challenges the entrepreneurs and partners we collaborate with face, and to assist on addressing issues when appropriate.


With diversified backgrounds in the investment sector (growth, leverage buy-out and venture capital), idi EM Partners team is driven by an investor mindset focused on quality and returns.

idi EM Partners team has the skills to approach investment opportunities with direct equity investor’s attitude which allows it to relate to and interact closely with its local partners (fund managers, co-investors, entrepreneurs). This not only translates into its ability to source attractive and sometimes proprietary investment opportunities, but also its capabilities to carryout professional and detailed due diligence and to make appropriate judgements according to the local cultures and practices.


The group of partners and employees of idi EM Partners puts special emphasis on ethical business practices and compliance issues.

Idi EM Partners is also a socially responsible investor as we strongly believe that long-term returns on investments cannot be achieved without non-financial impacts at a wider level. It has signed the Principles for Responsible Investment instituted by the United Nations, and is in accordance with ESG compliances by paying attention to build environmental, social and corporate governance.
Logo of Principles for Responsible Investment

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L-2330 Luxembourg
Grand-Duché of Luxembourg
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23-25 avenue Franklin D. Roosevelt
75008 Paris
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