We provide a quality access to private equity in emerging
markets through funds and managed accounts


idi EM Partners offers a diversified range of fund products and co-investment opportunities for its investors to gain access and to benefit from the fast-growing emerging markets.

Diversified Funds

idi EM Partners offers diversified PE funds covering emerging markets with two complementary asset classes: fund of funds and direct investments. This product offers a safe exposure to PE on our 5 geographies with a balanced mix of kind of investments.

Co-Investments Funds

idi EM Partners sources, structures and manages co-investments for its investors with interests to have direct exposures and access to private companies. This product is offered for opportunities where idi EM Partners is an active minority investor, with an active role in due diligence, structuring and follow-up of the deal.

Tailored Managed Accounts

We design the best suitable platforms to address institutional clients’ PE program needs in emerging markets

Building on its experience and expertise, idi EM Partners offers to large institutional clients to design separate managed accounts with an optimal solutions to address their PE program needs in the emerging markets. We have the resources, processes and expertise to help clients to define their strategy on our asset class according to their objectives and thereafter construct and manage their portfolio.


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