We are an active minority investor following
a selective picking strategy

Investment Philosophy

We invest selectively with rigorous processes and an activist mindset

Unique Network of Local Partners

idi EM Partners has an established network of qualified investment partners in its different geographies giving access to the best available opportunities. This deep knowledge of local investors brings us a local expertise, which is complementary to our long-standing international private equity expertise.

Selective Approach

idi EM Partners is looking to pick up the best available opportunities across its markets. We like to be amongst the early investors in transformational stories of local companies into national champions. Thanks to our proprietary data on companies and our accumulated experience, we can look at lesser-known, but promising investment situations that require a certain level of expertise to analyse and execute.

High Professional Expertise

idi EM Partners practices rigorous investment disciplines to deal with the complexity of its markets. It always remains focused on its investment strategies and the respect of the highest professional standards thanks to internally developed processes and a team trained to EM specificities. This culture of excellence in deal selection, execution and follow-up is directly inherited from the direct investor background of the senior team members.

Active Investors

idi EM Partners invests in private companies’ equity and behaves like an owner with an active role. After a rigorous and independent due diligence process, it always negotiates protection and control rights and seek to monitor closely its investments, either through seats at advisory committees of local PE funds or seats at company boards.

Investment Criteria

We finance SMEs growth fuelled by domestic consumption stories

Investment Profile

idi EM Partners targets to finance small and medium enterprises (SMEs) operated by entrepreneurs wiling to expand their businesses to benefit from the market growth. Investment opportunities should match the following criteria:

  • Growth driven by the domestic consumption of emerging middle-classes;
  • Simple and proven business models;
  • Equity or equity-like financing;
  • Investment pari passu with a local qualified investor (through a fund or a co-investment) having a strong alignment of interest and a significant influence over the business;
  • Minority positions with tickets size from US$5 million to US$25 million.



idi EM Partners invests in mature high potential geographies. Areas covers are China, India, South-East Asia, Latin America, Middle-East and Africa. Its primary focus is on mature, large (100m+ population) and structured emerging areas (strong legal framework, corporate governance, mature capital markets, robust exit opportunities).

Our expertise

idi EM Partners has long term accumulated experiences to invest and strong expertise to value-add in 2 main asset classes in emerging markets.

Fund of funds

idi EM Partners makes primary commitments in top notch local private equity funds that offers indigenous local expertise and networks. We prefer mid-size general growth funds with equity or equity-like investments only. We seek for ethical managers who practice transparent corporate governance and with partners’ own interests aligned to the fund performances. As an opportunistic approach, idi EM Partners welcomes secondary transaction opportunities on growth capital funds with clear and matured portfolios. The team has the experiences and capabilities to execute in a confidential and timely manners.

Direct investments

idi EM Partners has a robust and diversified pipeline of direct investment opportunities generated from its local networks of qualified partners. idi EM Partners has the option, but does not privilege, to be involved in traditional co-investments, where it invests alongside a local PE fund in a syndication process with limited governance rights. idi EM Partners core strategy however is to participate as a minority investor in club deals, in which it plays an active role in due diligence, structuring and follow-up of the deal.


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